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Falcon has been developing tailor-made container kitchens for over 2 decades to combine the expertise and experience into an optimized solution for mobility, hook-up, function and service. Our container kitchens are designed for rapid and flexible expansion and relocation. The interiors are clad in stainless steel with anti-slip metallic flooring and the structure ensures stringent compliance of stringent hygiene requirements.

The kitchens are designed in multiple sizes - 4, 6, 8 and 10-container solutions, with the largest size hosting a 3,000-person capacity. All our containers are tested and verified for performance in extreme climatic conditions with temperatures ranging up to 50+oC. The equipment is designed to align with the interiors, to provide maximum access for utility and cleaning.

The container kitchens can be modified and customized as per your requirements and utility parameters. 

Technical Specification

While the actual specifications are customized as per the client requirements, a generic structure delivers the following:

  • The inside panels and top of the container are covered with PU insulated panels
  • Kitchen hoods in cooking area
  • Adequate lighting and air conditioning built-in
  • Adequate water supply and drainage points
  • Robust mechanism for transport of container kitchens 

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