Project Management
We bring to you a wide range of international Industrial Kitchen Equipments to enhance your efficiency, quality and delivery of your hospitality services.

Our projects showcase a full spectrum of our capabilities across luxury lifestyle, healthcare, corporate space, government and event mgt verticals.
Turnkey Kitchen Contracts

Falcon offers the entire range of services and an array of globally renowned products as a part of its turnkey kitchen design services.

  1. Design:
    Falcon’s proven expertise in designing commercial kitchen setups is founded on nearly 2 decades of our project management and contract executions for a truly large number of clients. Our design team offers creative, elegant and innovative solutions to the clients without compromising the practicality of usage. The schematics for the sequence of operation and the equipment layout plans are created in collaboration with the client. All the schematics are then created in 3D alongside the final MEP design.
  2. Procurement:
    Our procurement team ensures the timely delivery of the required equipments utilizing our direct contacts with the manufacturing companies. To further the cost benefits derived here, the procurement team evaluates the technical elements including power supply requirements, on-site gas availability, and accessory requirements during the process.
  3. On-Site Coordination:
    We dedicate the required team to client sites through the period of installation. The project team delivers contractor and consultant coordination, and ensures the civil and MEP guideline adherence for the setup.
  4. Installation:
    Our installation team ensures flawless execution of the design plans on-site. They start with evaluating the site conditions to avoid any last minute modifications. The installation team has been trained for project execution with the highest standards of quality as prescribed by the manufacturers.
  5. Testing & Commissioning:
    FKEC ensures the safety of usage before commission and hand-over of the improved setup. Our testing and commissioning team executes a series of checks on the installed equipment including the power supply line and the water lines. Commissioning team helps in calibrating the setup and trains the operator before presenting the final report of project completion.
  6. Warranty Maintenance
    We offer the in-warranty maintenance to our clients, as availed by their choice of equipments, during which the manufacturing defects (if any) and related issues are managed by our maintenance team.